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Art limited print
José Parlá
José Parlá “Writers’ Bench 149th Street and Grand Concourse” limited edition
José Parlá releases a new abstract print Writers’ Bench 149th Street and Grand Concourse. The artwork comes with an edition of 50 an is uniquely hand-finished by Parlá. (more…)
Art Limited edition
Josh Sperling
Josh Sperling “DONUT” limited lamp edition

Together with Case Studyo, artist Josh Sperling releases an electrically powered limited lamp edition “Donut”. 50 pieces of each color way will be included in the raffle. (more…)

Limited edtion art
€400 or €1,200
Damien Hirst
Damien Hirst “Fruitful & Forever” Limited Charity Edition
HENI Editions announced four new limited edition prints, titled Fruitful and Forever, by Damien Hirst. The profits will be donated to Save the Children. (more…)
Whisky release 2020
Diageo distilleries
Diageo Special Releases “Rare by Nature”
Diageo is soon going to release their part two of “Rare by Nature”. This year’s release also features a Pittyvaich and Dalwhinnie 30-year-old. (more…)