Gordon & MacPhail Release: 1975 Glencraig

Whisky Release Glenmorangie

Gordon & MacPhail reveals the fourth and final release of four ‘last cask’ single malts. The rare 44-year-old Gordon & MacPhail 1975 Clencraig was distilled in Lomond Stills.

To commemorate the company’s 125-year history Gordon & MacPhail released exceptionally rare whiskies during 2020. The whiskies are either from a closed distillery or made on Lomond Stills no longer in production. The latest whisky was distilled in Lomond Still, which operated within Speyside’s Glenburgie Distillery, before production ceased in after 23 years.

More details about the second whisky:

  • Gordon & MacPhail 1975 Clencraig
  • RSP £1500*
  • 110 bottles
  • 44-Year-Old

For stockist enquiries contact [email protected] (please include country/city of residence within the email).

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