Josh Sperling “DONUT” limited lamp edition

Art Limited edition

Together with Case Studyo, artist Josh Sperling releases an electrically powered limited lamp edition “Donut”. 50 pieces of each color way will be included in the raffle.

More details

  • Josh Sperling ‘DONUT’ 2020
  • Thermoformed plexiglass lamp / LED light
  • 60 cm. diameter
  • Electric powered
  • 3 color ways: Orange ed 125 / Pink ed. 125 / Yellow ed. 125
  • Signed and numbered coa
  • Price: 1,500 Euro (excl. vat & shipping)

To enter the raffle follow the instructions Case Studyo posted on their instagram:

1. The application is accepted from 18th Sept 2:00pm (CET) to 21 Sept 2:00pm (CET)
2. An e-mail needs with the respective entry needs to be send to [email protected]
An aut reply message will be received soon after the entry. Applications are not accepted by Instagram DM.
3. Send the top 3 color reference (1) yellow (2) pink (3) orange, preferred color way is not guaranteed.
4. Only one Application is allowed per person per address.
5. Add shipping information (name, address, zip code, phone number and e-mail address)
If shipping information is used redundantly, the application will be invalid.
6. The purchase of this DONUT is subject to a two (2) year no-resale agreement.
7. Results of the raffle will be informed by email (to the winners only) on 22nd Sep, 2020.
8. Notification will not be sent to those who have been unsuccessful.
9. Shipping starts on Monday 28th September.