Gordon & MacPhail Releases: Glenury Royal 35yo

Whisky release

Gordon & MacPhail reveals the second of four ‘last cask’ single malts. The rare 35-year-old Gordon & MacPhail 1984 from Glenury Royal joins a 1972 Coleburn whisky launched in September.

To commemorate the company’s 125-year history Gordon & MacPhail is going to release exceptionally scarce whiskies from the last cask held in their famous warehouse in Elgin. The whiskies are either from a closed distillery or made on Lomond Stills no longer in production. The anniversary whiskies will be released periodically during the rest of 2020.

More details about the second whisky:

  • Gordon & MacPhail 1984 from Glenury Royal
  • RSP £1500*
  • 397 bottles
  • 35-Year-Old

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