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The official Malt Whisky Trail located in the Moray Speyside region, is a Scottish highlight with thousands flocking to the highlands around Inverness to have a taste of its finest whiskeys. For the nature lover, the Moray Speyside region offers picturesque landscapes and numerous hikes. There’s even something for the adrenaline-junkies. For those who would rather sail than hike, the waters of the Scottish Highlands are sure to get the endorphins on the move.

The Malt Whisky Trail in Scotland’s Speyside is formed of eight malt whisky distilleries, as well as a cooperage. The scenic route has clear signposts to each locale; including Benromach, Cardhu, Glen Moray, Glen Grant, Glenfiddich, the Glenlivet, Strathisla, and the Speyside Cooperage.  Dallas Dhu distillery, although no longer in operation, showcases the whisky production process in the 1900s. It’s a definite must-see. It even featured in the top 20 of the investor’s ranking (2019) by Rare Whisky 101.

Though the distilleries along the trail are in close proximity to each other, leisurely travelers may want to dedicate a few days to take in the distinct traditions and lore at each stop. 

Be sure to make time to sample all of the unique flavors. As every working distillery gives guests the opportunity to smell and taste their handcrafted spirit, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. Not only is a treat for the taste buds, there is also a variety of activities to do along the way. With plenty of historic landmarks, the true essence of the Scottish Highlands reveals itself in the storytelling of whisky history.

Want to know more about how to get around?

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The collectorbits whisky trail

Collectorbits has created its own Moray Speyside itinerary, which focuses on the most sought after distilleries and collectability by single malt collectors. We therefore considered Rare Whisky 101’s full year report 2019, which ranks different distilleries along various dimensions.

Starting point: Glenlivet
Glenlivet, is home to the oldest legal distillery in the parish of Glenlivet. Founded in 1824, Glenlivet is the production town of the Scottish whisky of the same name. It is ranked 15th in the collectors league table.

First stop: Glenfarclas
Looking for old whiskies without breaking the bank? Then Glenfarclas is the perfect stop along the whisky trail route. It is one of the few independent and family-run whiskey distilleries in Scotland. Glenfarclas scores 13 in the collectors league table.

Second Stop: Aberlour
As the road meanders through the beautiful Scottish nature, be sure to stop at Aberlour for their famous soft, nutty-spicy notes and their pleasant sherry flavours. A whisky often referred to as solid value is the Aberlour A’Bunadh. This distillery ranks 23 in the collectors league table.

Third Stop: The Macallan
The Whiskey trail would not be complete without stopping at the Macallan; the most popular and most sought after Sottish whisky brand in the world. This renowned brand dominates the collectors market. Approx. 40 out of every £100 spent at UK Single Malt Scotch Whisky auctions is spent on Macallan. According to the Whisky 101 full year report, considering the value market share and the collectors league table, the Macallan ranks number 1. With a ranking of 11, The Macallan exits the top 10 investor distilleries for the first time.

Fourth Stop: Glen Grant
At the most northern point of the route is the Glen Grant. This is a classic and fruity Speyside whiskey on the top 30 investors league table. The Glen Grant 18 is a definite buy here – it was ranked buy Jim Murray as the second finest whisky in the world in the 2017 edition of the Whisky Bible. In the collectors league table, Glen Grant ranks 26.

Fifth Stop: The Balvenie
To see a distillery that still produce their own malt, The Balvenie has been included on the route. Sweet in taste and mouth filling in texture, these charakteristisch run through this brand through almost all ages. It ranks 11 in the collectors league table.

Sixth Stop: Glenfiddich
A name that is almost synonymous with single malt today is Glenfiddich; so of course it had to be included on the collectorbits’ own whiskey trail. Glenfiddich is the world best selling single malt in terms of overall volume. It is ranked number 6 in the collectors league table.

Final Stop: Glendronach
The last stop on the trail is Glendronach. Nestled in the valley of Forgue, this is popular among those who love a sherried single malt. In the investors league table, the Glendronach ranks 28.

To get more insight into the full Collectors and Investors Single Malt review for 2019, take a look at following excerpts from the Rare Whisky 101 report.

Excerpts from Rare Whisky’s 2019 Full Year Report

For the whisky collector and investor, or those simply interested in knowing more about this traditional Scottish drink, follow Rare Whisky 101.

From distillery rankings based on both volume and value to industry leading composite performance indices, Rare Whisky 101 publishes extensive detailed reports on a monthly basis.

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